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Sale & Distribution

Web Directory

Our website www.Kotohotel.com is a multi-brand portal available and is popular with our guests who want to find out more information about "Your Partner in Hospitality" Hotels & Resorts wanting to book a guestroom

Global & Regional Sale

Your Partner in Hospitality has its own dedicated Sale team office and officer's in Chandigarh Managing and contracting for major clients across India.

Dedicated Revenue Management

"You're Partner in Hospitality" Hotels & Resorts have Selected & developing the best of next generation Hotel technology and software solutions For the hotel industry in order to:

We Indirect

Strategic agreements with major OTA's (Online Travel Agents) to increase visibility & availability of hotels, Making them accessible to a Wider range of Customer & markets.

GDS Partner

Strategic partnership with majorTravel management Company and consortium Allow connecting with more Than 50000 travel agents globally Extend our reach in market

Stragic Partnership With B2B Clients

Stragic Partnership With Major Whole Seller and Distributor to make Our Hotels amd Resorts Accessible Globally

GDS Partner

Koto Your Partner in Hospitality

Is a web-based Central Reservation Software System providing real-time reservations of room booking. This Online booking system will automate bookings of your property centrally through the Internet and contribute to maximize the hotel's room revenue. All the bookings will be updated to your property system on on-line mode and improve ef?ciency in Guest room bookings.

Silent Feature Of The CRS System

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