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"KOTO HOTELS" Your Partner in Hospitality

Hotel and Resorts is the epitome of world-class hospitality, marked its existence in 2023, after meticulous & detailed groundwork, research & analysis.Hotels & Resorts will be magnifies the experience of each property through exceptional hospitality and Flawless comfort, facilities and its services. The Asset &Brand Franchising Company caters to its clients by elevating the experience of its guests, blending hospitality & tech into one. Hotels & Resorts crafts a phenomenal experience each time by enriching the guest stay through the gen-next technology engine, that introduces an information-rich and user-friendly website, web- indirect, GDS, Revenue Management, and more amalgamating artificial intelligence and data analytics for customized hospitality.

A dynamic and progressive Asset and Brand Franchising company as "Your Partner in Hospitality" Hotels & Resorts came into in India in year 2018 and, after five years of careful and detailed analysis and ground working, in April 2023, it started operations In recent times, to craft in their market space in India in "KOTO Hotels, which allows to connect with travel agents in India and globally.
The hospitality group is actively working to open 50+Hotels across 75 cities over India within the next ten years. The company is looking forward to adding 1000+ rooms by 2025.Technology is a core enabler when it comes to our USP of delivering the ultimate Hotels & Resorts facilities and experience to our guests. Your Partner in Hospitality Hotels and Resorts has customized next-gen technology engine & introduced-in Hotels & Resorts which comprises several inter-meshed components that include an information rich and user friendly website, web-indirect, GDS, Revenue Management, Distribution system, the cloud Central Reservations System (CRS), an Online Reputation Management(ORM) and a service monitoring module all supported by artifcial intelligence and data analytics to understand and deliver a personalized hospitality experience to every single customer.
We pride ourselves on the comfort and quality of our rooms, the warmth and attentiveness of our specially trained staff, the exceptional offerings of our restaurants, and, most of all, and our ability to provide an experience worth remembering with very visit. With an exacting focus on deliverance of quality with efficient revenue management and cost control, we provide value to our stake holders, our guests and our partners. I hope you enjoy reading more about "Your Partner in Hospitality" opportunities, we can offer to potential partners as well.


Exceptional Hospitality is at the heart and all we do. Our mission is to delight our guests each time, every time and to be the disguised in global hospitality company. We are deeply committed to innovation, improvement to stay the best hotel and resorts.


Be the most preferred choice for our Hotel Guests, Employees, Shareholders and Partners by creating delightful Inconic experiences for every Guest, meaningful work opportunities for all employees, high Value for our Shareholders and Partners and make a positive difference to the world of Hospitality around us.


Value of "Your Partner in Hospitality "hotel and resort are esteem, sincerity, wow, creativity, growth and unity

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